The Fifth HOPE Artwork

Below, some of the artwork from The Fifth HOPE is made available for your amusement and use. It's being released with the understanding that it can be used only for non-commercial purposes; if you have a for-profit need for some of these files, you'll need to get permission from the artists directly.



(courtesy b9punk)

T-Shirt Designs

(courtesy b9punk)

Design 150 DPI PNG Adobe Illustrator
Megaphone T-Shirt, Front 26.5 kiB 206 kiB
Megaphone T-Shirt, Back 17.3 kiB 231 kiB
Staff T-Shirt, Front 32.0 kiB 223 kiB
Staff T-Shirt, Back 21.2 kiB 243 kiB
Security T-Shirt, Front 31.6 kiB 231 kiB
Security T-Shirt, Back 21.9 kiB 265 kiB

Propaganda Posters

(courtesy Dabu Ch'wald)

Poster Low-resolution JPEG High-resolution TIFF
Please don't eat the brown acid. 41.2 kiB 3697 kiB
Ahoy! 28.8 kiB 1950 kiB
Where is your armband? 31.1 kiB 2829 kiB
Use Credit 51.9 kiB 4529 kiB
Chinese fist 29.2 kiB 3109 kiB
Don't Cry: Hackers aren't terrorists. 39.5 kiB 3139 kiB
The enemy is listening 27.8 kiB 4219 kiB
Being a hacker was never so easy and fun! 20.1 kiB 1835 kiB
If you see something, say something. 38.0 kiB 261 kiB
See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil 43.4 kiB 4855 kiB
He eats a ton a year; your farm can help 25.0 kiB 3092 kiB

Other posters seen at the conference are from the Propaganda Remix Project, the No RNC Poster Project, the America Prepared Campaign, Inc., and other sources.

Big Brother is Watching You

(courtesy Frederic Guimont)